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Nightly Nothing
Freddy Avatar

Rainy night outside. Kinda cold, mostly dark and wet. I dig it, but not until I’m out in it. Sitting in here, an hour to go, watching the clock, wanting to be home…

We’re getting sushi tonight. Watching Dexter, season 4. It’s pretty rad. My life is pretty rad. I mean, it’s basically totally fucking awesome. I am so fucking happy it’d make you sick.

Bored, a little, right now. Quiet night at work. Done reading. Bored with life. Want something to be more fun for me, but what? What read now? Nothing. Blah.

Thirsty. Itchy gums. Listless. Not unhappy. Full of life! But quiet life.

I should drink more tea. Right now!


Okay. I’m going to drink some tea.


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