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 I try to remember to make it back here every few weeks or months, just to remind myself that I still exist.

No, that's not right. I just like to keep this thing alive as an aspect of my process.

I'm editing Doctor Destroyo. I like the book, but it's exhausting work.

Still living by the park. I haven't gone running in a bit, but K and I do go out for a lot of walks.

I think I've abandoned ACrowCity for the foreseeable future, which breaks my heart, but I only have so much time for side projects. I'm still trying to get "Savage Tales" up-dated a chapter at a time.

The comic shop is in a really good place these days. Full of hard workers and smart faces.

And that's that? I've got a tumblr going, savageleewriting. It's been a lot of fun!

I ain't got much. I just like to keep this thing alive.

I think I've been at the comic shop for 9 years running now.


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