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Checking In W/Myself!
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 It's been... I dunno. A while.

I'm at work.

I'm working on editing Doctor Destoryo at home. I'm at page 98 of the second draft. It's exhausting, but totally fulfilling! 

I'm writing tons in my tumblr account, and getting some very nice feedback on it all. I've attracted some cool readers to my work.

Work is pretty good. 9 years and counting in the comic shop. I feel very comfortable here, not too comfortable, just the right amount. Time slips by, I work 4 days a week, and only sometimes do I really, really want to kill my co-workers.

I feel good. Happy. My relationship is wonderful. She made me burgers and pie last night while I went out to pick up smoke.

I tried Salvia a couple of days ago, for real, and it really fucking blasted my skull. It was surreal, the most surreal experience of my life. Not like anything else.

So yeah. I guess that's it. Me. Updating!
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